You know those profound truths that hit when you least expect them?

Well– I took my car to the shop this week because it was making funny sounds. The mechanic diagnosed the problem, told me which part needed replacing and gave me a quote. Nothing unusual yet… until he said something no mechanic has ever told me before…


“Would you like me to explain how we”re different from these other shops and dealerships?”

He started explaining how he’d fix my car– that he could skillfully cut a part that most dealerships would only install whole, and be able to charge me $300 less on that part as a result.

Key 1: He told me what made his solution different and unique

He seemed like a nice guy on top of the great deal I “felt” I was getting, so I left my car. He told me the car would be ready for pickup the following day at 3:00pm.

So what do you think happened when I showed up the next day (15 minutes early) at 2:45?

Not only was the work finished on time– but my car looked brand new! He went out of his way to make sure my car was washed, even though his work had nothing to do with the exterior.

Key 2: He didn’t just keep his promise… he OVER-DELIVERED

He then asked if I wanted to inspect the car before paying. I said it was fine as I trusted his work at this point– but he still insisted on showing me, just to make sure I was completely happy.

The result?

He earned my trust and I won”t go anywhere else (Why would I?!) I’ve already recommended him to 2 friends.

So what”s the lesson here?

The truths are simple:

  • Demonstrate value up front.
  • Deliver when you say you will– Over-deliver if you can.
  • Follow up to make absolutely sure the customer is happy.

What steps can you take in your sales process to build trust and credibility?

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