Thanks to all who participated in our Planning For Profit Seminar! We had a great turnout, with folks attending from various industries & backgrounds.

Here are the resources I mentioned:

Afro Web Guy

  • Google Analytics – A great statistics tool that tracks people who visit your site. (Very pretty reporting and it”s free!)
  • Aweber – Keep in touch regularly with customers by sending out automatic, personalized e-mails. Also check out 1ShoppingCart as an alternative. (Both offer Free trials!)
  • Keyword Selector Tool – A great start to find what words people are *actually* searching for. (Remember: jar candle!)
  • Google AdWords – Start getting people to your website by “bidding” on keywords. (It’s free to create an account!)

If there’s interest I’ll create some tutorials for you guys. Just let me know!


P.S. Just so you don’t think we kept the iPod Nano for ourselves — and believe me, I *wanted* to — the winner was Steve May from Quality Connections.

Congratulations Steve!

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